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    Aluratek - libre - Main memory to SD card


      Is there any way in Adobe Desktop Editions to specify that I want to copy my ebooks to the SD card on my Libre as opposed to the main storage memory?


      If not, can i simply copy and paste the "Digital Editions" directory from main memory to the SD card and delete the 'Digital Editions" from the main memory?

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          asperger514 Level 1

          Response from aluratek, not a perfect solution to the problem but will do till something better comes along.




          At this time, Adobe Digital Editions does not provide a feature to select where an ebook is saved. It is currently saved to the internal memory. However, you can copy the Digital Editions folder to your SD card and ebooks in that folder should open. You can also delete the Digital Editions folder on your internal memory because it Digital Editions will just install another folder the next time you save an ebook to your LIBRE.


          Date: 24 March 2010 15:36

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            I just got a Aluratek Libre Pro and haven't even authorized it yet.  I don't want to authorize it until I know this issue can be resolved---limited number of device authorizations and all that.  My questions are, if you follow the advice asperger514 got from Aluratek:

            • Would you have to authorize the SD card as a separate device in ADE when you copy the digital editions folder to it?
            • If you were to delete the Digital Editions folder in the internal memory and ADE creates another one in the Libre internal memory, don't you have to reauthorize the Libre?


            I guess I don't know very well how device authorizations work---once you authorize a device can you use different SD cards in it to put DRM-enabled files on?  Is the authorization stored in the metadata in the digital editions folder or elsewhere?  Reading around on the web for different devices does not help; for instance, there was one thread somewhere else where people were talking about having to authorize the B&N Nook and the SD card they put in there separately... I guess this is a bigger issue with the Libre, because its internal memory is relatively small and an SD card is a must.