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    Dynamic Image Gallery AS2

    indianraaj Level 1
      I have dipped in almost every search engine and this site to locate some easier way to create dynamic image gallery in Flash 8 AS2 using ASP (as i am conversant with ASP only, although i found many sites suggesting PHP and XML). I'd be very greatful to u all if u could provide me some help in this part of my project.

      I have tried this source also but neither the source throw any error nor it displays the images, what could be wrong with the source? Please Please Please Please Please Help me!!!!!!!!

      this.createClassObject(mx.containers.ScrollPane, "scroller_sp", 10);
      scroller_sp. setSize (100, 300);
      for(i=0;i< swfThumbs.length;i++){
      clipLoader.loadMovieNum(swfThumbs ,i+100);
      scroller_sp.contentPath = clipLoader;

      thanks in anticipation and regards