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    trouble with cfinclude within CFBuilder


      This seems like the silliest question but I cannot for the life of me get a cfinclude tag to work within my application in CFBuilder.  I always get the standard "cannot find" CF error displayed instead.


      I'm on OS X.  Document root is /Applications/ColdFusion9/wwwroot/site and my web root is /Applications/ColdFusion9/wwwroot


      It doesn't matter if I reference any of the following, my "includes" folder is not found.




      includes (relative)


      If I put a file in the includes folder and preview it it displays without a problem.  The file outputs the following information when I use cgi.CF_Template_Path:




      I've tried deleting the server instance in CFB and adjusting document/web root settings to no avail.


      What am I missing (feeling pretty stupid )?  Seems like the CFINCLUDE tag just doesn't work on my local server.


      Thanks in advance,

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          cfrookie Level 1

          After some more troubleshooting I've narrowed down my problem to something that works currently on a CF7 box.


          <cfinclude template="<cfoutput>#application.pathtoroot#</cfoutput>includes/body_header.cfm">


          If I remove the <cfoutput>#application.pathtoroot#</cfoutput> the file is included properly.


          #application.pathtoroot# allows me to develop on a server where the site can't start in the web root directory and in this case = "/site/".


          While the above code with <cfoutput> in the template attribute of the cfinclude throws an error, the following does not so I know it's not a path issue.


          <cfinclude template="/site/includes/body_header.cfm">


          The error message displays the proper path when saying it cannot locate the included file "Could not find the included template /site/includes/body_header.cfm."


          I also tried changing the scope from application. to mysettings. and the error still occurs.


          Looks like the problem was the cfinclude tag no longer needs <cfoutput> tags wrapped around the pathtoroot variable I had set.  I knew it had to be a stupid problem!

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            Adam Cameron. Level 5

            As far as I know one has never been able to embed one CF tag within another one.


            And certainly having <cfoutput> there is meaningless, because you're not OUTPUTTING that variable; you're just using it.




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              cfrookie Level 1

              Ahh, ok.  I guess a more correct statement would have been "no longer allowed/tolerated"