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    CFBuilder on Mac problems


      Everyone on my team has downloaded the "final" release of CFBuilder to try it before we make a commitment to buy. I am glad we didn't buy the product, it is just as bad as it was on beta. We are running 10.5 or 10.6 and we all have the same issues. It hangs randomly every minute or two. It comes back to life, but the 30 second hangs are annoying to say the least.

      I started it up today to give it another shot, it opened up the file I wanted to edit, then I hit the enter key and then tried to tab to start coding, and it hung for over 4 minutes before I had to force close the app.

      This is just not me, it is everyone here that runs CFBuilder on a Mac here. It really concerns me that anything could be released that behaves like this with a $300 price tag. Back to CFEclipse, which never has these problems and it costs a lot less then this alpha version of CFBuilder they are trying to push on the Mac community. Shame on you Adobe!

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          RamKulkarni Level 2

          Are you using the old workspace? If yes, try with a new workspace.



          Adobe ColdFusion Builder Team

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            RBailey Level 1

            There are 2 different ways we are opening them here at the office:


            1. Myself, I am importing existing Eclipse workspaces (since coming from CFEclipse)

            2. Another co-worker is opening the files directly with no workspace created (file > open)


            Are you suggesting me deleting my old (Eclipse) workspace as opposed to using the import functionality and creating a new workspace with CFBuilder? If this is the case, why would the same issues be occuring with no workspaces when simply using the file > open command?

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              RamKulkarni Level 2

              CFB standalone creates workspace for you when you run it the first time. Eclipse caches plugins in the workspace so it is possible that plugins of earlier beta might be used though you installed the final version of CFB. How you open file does not make difference in this case.


              So try creating a new workspace (File->Switch Workspace->Other) and let me know it you see the same problems.



              Adobe ColdFusion Builder Team