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    Problem With XML and DataGrid)




      I do have a question how to get my XML data in the appropriate way into my DataGrid. I wrote a labelFunction to get the data into the grid but I still have the problem that the length of the DataGrid depends on the dataProvider and I can't find a way to specify that it should depend on a child object of the dataProvider.


      If you look at the structure of the XML file you can see that for every date a couple of hours exist (normally 24 ) and measurements coming in every hour. So, naturally I would like to show the measurements in connection to the hour. The column 'Date' and 'Time' will be merged anyway to something like '23/2:10-11'. So, if it is easier to combine these values first and create that way a unique date I would be also happy.


      However, the XML file and the Flex code you find at http://www2.dmu.dk/thob/Station_Nord/srcview/index.html and the Flex application you find at http://www2.dmu.dk/thob/Station_Nord/Station_Nord.html.


      Thanks for your help in advance,