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    pre crashes when saving in ipod/iphone format mp4


      Hello, I am having an issue that when I try to share and save in the ipod/iphone format the save routine gets to 96% completed and crashes. It does this everytime without fail.


      I have tried several things on my own to get past this, and here is what I have found so far. If I strip all music off the clip it will save. I also can do 30 seconds of music and it saves, and in this I mean that I can have 5 minutes of music but each song I use can only be 30 seconds long. Is this a copyright thing or is this a problem with pre? I can save in all the other formats without any issues at all, it is only in the ipod/iphone format that I have this issue.


      I have been able to duplicate this on two seperate machines.


      One machine is

      Windows 7 64-bit

      4 GB ram

      Nvidia 9600M GT - 195.62 current driver


      the other is

      Windows Vista sp2 32 bit

      3GB Ram

      Nvidia 9600M GT - 195.62 current driver.