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    Exporting for Vimeo?

    csgaraglino Level 1

      Right now I am trying to get the bgest export setting I can get for Vimeo and I have some questions.

      Their recomendations: http://vimeo.com/help/compression


      They recomend H.264, but on Vista64 it has always been horrible no matter what editor I use – I get really bright washed out videos (locally) when I use this, maybe I have the wrong Codec installed?

      Anyway, I am using the MPEG preset and Vimeo wants the video to be exported at 1280x720 since they are going to resize it to that.

      In my settings when I change the Frame Width to 1280 from the dropdown, the Frame Rate changes to 59.94 and my only other option is to change it to 23.9 or 24? I don’t have an option to keep it at 29.9?

      They recommend that I set the Pixel Ratio to 1.0 or Square, but there is no option for me to do this in the Export Setting Tab? It seems to be fixed at 16:9...

      Deinterlacing: I don’t see an option for this either, however I have an option for Field Order, right now it is set to Lower?

      I do have some sample video I took just to try this... http://vimeo.com/10394212

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The biggest determiner of your quality is your source video (what kind of camcorder it came from) and your project settings (which should match your camcorder).


          I don't know if your source footage is hi-def or standard DV, so it's hard to say what the best export format is. An MPEG would probably not be your top choice for a video which will distributed online. An MOV would be my first choice.


          If you save an MOV from Premiere Elements full frame size, you should get excellent results.

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            csgaraglino Level 1

            Thanks for your replay.

            This information was in my original email to you guys...

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              Paul787 Level 3

              Which version of Premiere Elements are you using?


              One of the regulars at Vimeo, Eugenia Loli-Queru, has some good posts on exporting from Premiere Elements for version 4.


              Her suggestions can be found here:






              In her Vimeo profile, she also has her e-mail for further technical questions from Vimeo users.


              Hope this might be of assistance.

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                csgaraglino Level 1

                Sorry Steve... I got confused for a minite as to who this came from?


                I’m shooting with a Sony HVR-A1U in HD and using the HDV Project Presets in PRE8

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                  csgaraglino Level 1

                  Paul, I have tried her settings however this covers PRE 3/4 and I am using 8.

                  I have email them, (That's where the confusion in posts), but no response...

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                    Paul787 Level 3

                    Here is another list of instructions for exporting to Vimeo for HD video. The instructions are for Premiere Elements 7, but it uses the Share tab similar to what is used in Premiere Elements 8.




                    If that doesn't work, hopefully other posters here will offer you some suggestions.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Only speculation on my part here, but about all that I would suspect that has changed, in this regard, between PrE 7 & 8 would be the addition of some more Presets in Share for PrE 8. Otherwise the operations should be the same and the setting very similar. The location of a drop-down, or settings box could be moved, but I doubt very far. Most changes would just be additional Presets to choose from.


                      Good luck,



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                        csgaraglino Level 1

                        First, I really appreciate all the help you guys are giving!


                        Second, this PDF is pretty much the same as the earlier post (ok exactly) with out the actually screenshots.


                        PRE8 is different... It might be subtle, but different all the same.


                        There is a Render at Maximum Depth Checkbox

                        Then an unchangable Codec Settings: 24 bit

                        There is an option to Optimize Stills

                        And there is no Alternates Tab


                        With that said, I get horrible results on the computer when exporting with QuickTime.

                        Here are link to the exported files, they are 30mb each.



                        The thing is they are both running the H.264 CODEC, but the QT says just H.264 while the MPEG says MainConcept H.264 Video?

                        Does this have anything to do with that fact that I am running on a Vista 64 machine?

                        Is a CODEC a CODEC a CODEC, or can I download or buy a better CODEC?

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                          csgaraglino Level 1

                          I figured it would be better to ask these separately from the last post.

                          I have a tendency to over think and over analyze just about everything, so here are a couple of question regarding my MPEG Export?


                          Video Tab

                          1. Is the MPEG (same as above) sample acceptable HD Quality?
                          2. Is this same MPEG uploaded to Vimeo an acceptable HD quality for Vimeo - http://vimeo.com/10420534?
                          3. I don't have None/Progressive Field Order, only Upper or Lower (Lower is currently selected)
                          4. I don't have the ability to change the Pixel Ratio
                          5. I don't have the ability to change the Frame Width without affecting the Frame Rate?
                          6. I have a setting called Profile with Main and High as option (High is selected)
                          7. I have a setting called Level with 4.0 and 4.1 as options (4.0 is selected)
                          8. I have an Option for Bitrate Encoding with CBR, VBR 1 Pass, VBR 2 Pass for options (VBR 1 Pass is selected)
                          9. I have Set Keyframe Distance (unchecked)
                          10. I have Macroblock Adaptive Frame-Field Coding (unchecked)


                          Multiplexer Tab

                          1. I have a setting for Multiplexing with TS and None as options (TS Selected)


                          I know this is a lot to ask to be answered here, so if someone can just point me in the direction where I can read about these options, that would be great!

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                            Paul787 Level 3

                            Well, this is the forum to ask lots of questions. Whether you get the answer you want is another matter.

                            Seriously though, posters here almost always find an answer.


                            I don't know why some of the settings for export recommended don't show up, could you post a snapshot of the settings tab under Advanced options?


                            Lastly, have you tried to export in the MOV format that Steve suggested? Looking at Vimeo, many of the HD videos are in this format and possibly it would work better for you.