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    Tweaking Flash Web Photo Gallery Template

      I have recently downloaded and installed the newer CS2 Flash Web Photo Gallery templates download here

      I am currently trying to mess about with 'Gallery 1' - especially the thumbnail row and column settings but am having no luck. Ideally I want to have 4 columns of thubnails.

      I am assuming that all the variables for the columns and rows can be tweaked in the nav.class and nav_node.class scripts but despite hours of trial and error I still dont have a solution. The best i can get is 4 columns for the first row - however, the subsequent rows contain loads of thumbanils (far more than the 4 i want).

      Here is the code that i think needs amending in order to give me multiple rows of 5 thumbs... but i may be wrong:

      // this condition resets the column count and ups the row
      if (((i%colCount) == 4) && (i != 0)) {
      col = 4;

      Any help or suggestions on this would be most gratefully received.

      Many thanks in advance.