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    9.3.0 install questions

      I need assistance with several questions & issues regarding
      SP2 vs SP3
      Using my Enterprise Distribution License Agreement (http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/) I am able to download the installer code for Adobe Reader v9.3.0 for Windows XP SP2 and SP3. Both executables (AdbeRdr930_en_US.exe) appear to be identical in file name, size, date and time stamp. Are there actual technical differences between the code? Is it possible to deploy the SP3 version to machines running SP2?
      Security Updates
      A security update to Reader v9.3.1 was published on 2/23/2010. It does not appear the v9.3.0 installer code has that update bundled into the package. If not, is there a more current version of the installer code or is applying the patch the only way to ensure currency of version and updates?
      Can the security update file (AdbeRdrUpd931_all_incr.msp) be packaged for installation along with the 930 code using the Adobe Customization Wizard?
      Can the security update file be run in silent mode with reboot suppressed using command line switches?