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    Deploy remote projects over RDS?




      Just wondering if someone could help with the following.


      After reading the following from - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusionBuilder/Using/WSf01dbd23413dda0e3d098bb81213a52da18- 7ffd.html


      "Deploy remote projects over FTP connection: ColdFusion Builder lets you manage both local and remote servers. The remote servers can be connected either through RDS (Remote Data Services) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection. For more information about deploying and synchronizing remote projects over FTP connection, see Deploy projects over FTP and Secure FTP connections."


      I am a little confussed, it mentions that you can deploy project over RDS but only provides instructions for FTP, am i missing something here?





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          Sorry. You can’t synch with RDS. Only with FTP.

          I guess those text has been written by the same people who write mortgage contracts in the day time.

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            At the risk of being blunt--what good is RDS if you can't deploy or synchronize through it? The RDS query features are cool, but if you can't move assets from point A to point B, then the RDS fileview seems like little more than a tease to me. It's a broad question, I know, but can someone explain the function and purpose of RDS within CF Builder?


            And another thing...  I have seen RDS defined as both Remote Data Services and Remote Deployment Service. Why the discrepancy; which one is correct?