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    "Program has stopped working" Message under Vista


      I have a VB.Net Windows Forms application that incorporates the WebBrowser object.  The WebBrowser object provides an Internet Explorer window for my application.   When I use the WebBrowser to navigate to a PDF, the PDF is displayed using Adobe Reader 9 just as it would be in Internet Explorer.  If I right click on the displayed PDF and select the Page Display Preferences, I can change the default Zoom setting.  If I make this change and my application is running under Windows Vista, I get a "program has stopped working" message when I close/exit my application immediately after closing the window that contains the WebBrowser.  If I wait a minute before I close/exit my application after closing the window that contains the WebBrowser, I don't get the "program has stopped working" message.  It appears that Adobe Reader may be performing some cleanup task due to the setting change that must be completed prior to exiting the program.


      I don't want the users of my application to see an error message or wait for a minute when they exit the program.  Is there any way to get Adobe Reader to finish its cleanup quicker if that is the cause of the error message?  Or, does anyone have an alternative explanation for why I get the "program has stopped working" message as previously described?


      I have already posted this issue on a Microsoft forum where it was suggested that I post on the Adobe forum.