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    eps vector image


      Hello. Let me first say that I'm new to this and I know nothing about Illustrator or Photoshop so pardon any dumb questions?


      I purchased a download from Shutterstock, it's a vector eps file that I'm trying to make into a header for a blog. I tried using Gimp Program and Inkscape but had trouble getting image to load. Customer service recommended Illustrator so I got the trial and was able to upload the image (yeah, finally something worked).


      I'm trying to resize it and edit or change the sample text area but can not figure it out. I read that it can be easier to resize in Photoshop so I downloaded that trial and loaded image to that but it has a gray checkered background and I saw under Image Tab how to resize but still couldn't figure out how to get it around 800x300 for header.


      So my questions are:


      1) If it's better to use Illustrator are there any tutorials on how to resize?


      2) If it's better to use Photoshop how do I get rid of the gray checkered background and resize?


      Here is the image I'm trying to work with if that helps:




      This is the second day I've spent trying to get this image and work with it so my head is about to explode. Any tips or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.