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    Plug-In Not Showing Up in CS4


      Hi Everyone,


      I am attempting to install a plug-in to Illustrator CS4 for the first time. It is supposed to show up in the menu under: Object > Filters. But I don't even see the "Filters" section anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I dropped the .aip file into the plug-in folder of Illustrator.


      Here is the note from the plug-ins manual: In the process of revising and streamlining the user interfaces of their software, Adobe has removed the Filter main menu from Illustrator in the CS4 release. Now, when a plugin such as Phantasm CS re-intro- duces Filters, they are placed in the Object » Filters menu. Therefore all references in this manual to Filter menu entries such as Filter » Phantasm CS » Levels implies CS4 users can find this in the Object menu.


      Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 4.14.59 PM.png