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      I want to create help system for my .Net application. I have little expose to Robohelp. Can Robohelp help me to create help to that kind which my all end user can use it and then latter on when I update any page or topic in my help system, it would be equaly update on all user as well?

      How can I do this? What do I have to do if I want to build help like this?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
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          You don't say what type of help you are creating, webhelp or a compiled CHM file.

          If the latter, they can obviously only see changes when you distribute a new file to them. If it is webhelp and they view it from YOUR server, then they see the changes when you publish the new information there, not when you make them in the source.

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            doshikn Level 1
            My main purpose is to distribute my help system along with my .Net application and then latter on when I update any of the help contents then all my users can get the lattest copy of that help. Just like we have Microsoft Word help, we can view the help online and offline.

            I don't want to redistribute my newly updated help to all user, instead they can get those on there own by going online. Also I do not want the help system to be opened in internet explorer, instead it should get open in its own seperate window.

            I also intend to use flash in my help system.

            Can I do this all with Robohelp?