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    Trying to plot from CS2 to a HP DJ 800 24x36


      I'm somewhat of a novice to CS2. I used to use Illustrator 8.


      When I try to print a 24x36 image to the plotter, it seems the "fit to page" function doesn't work correctly.


      Here are the steps I take:

      * I first select the printer from the top menu.

      * I then select "Defined by Driver" under Media Size.

      * I then hit "Setup" and and then "Preferences" in the Print dialog box that pops up.

      * In the "Printing Preferences" dialog box, I use "Custom" settings for the Paper Size - set to 36x24in

      * I select "Autorotate" and choose the 24 inch roll.

      * When I come back to the "Print" screen and select "Fit to Page", the preview isn't aligned like it would be with other printers and no settings customized. The margins seem incongruent and the picture is off-center.


      Is there a way to set the image correctly in the middle of the preview/print job automatically? I can try to do it manually, but it wouldn't be quite perfect.