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    Another Basic Installation Issue


      I've been using CS3 design premium for 4 years now without any major issues.
      Yesterday I allowed Adobe updater to run an update for Illustrator. An error appeared just as the process began stating that, "The update could not be completed. Reinstall illustrator". Okay so I booted up this morning and when I opened illustrator, I got an "error loading plugins" and a large number of plugins are no longer available for use ( tracing tools, symbols, etc. about 12 to 14 items in all!). They are not even listed for selection from the "window" dropdown menu.
      So, my question is, how do I JUST reinstall illustrator? I put in the disk, and chose the option to open containing folder...I see only the setup for a total install of the whole creative suite. . . no exe files for installing individual programs (unless I'm missing something).
      I am in the middle of a very large project and can not spend too much time fooling around with this.
      Please help asap. Thanks!

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          First you would have to uninstall Illustrator, you would do that with the uninstallers then you would insert your disk and you enter the serial number then the options to install the software will come up and only Illustrator will be available. the ohere will not allow you to check them.


          Have you moved the Illustratr application out of the Illustrator folder?


          Are you launching from an alias on your desktop?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Unfortunately you cannot install any product alone. You will have to re-install the whole suite. To facilitate matters, you could simply run the CS3 Clean Script from the support pages. This will at least spare you the uninstall...



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              ~Suze Level 1

              Thank You!
              Actually, I read in another forum that when installing over a non functioning program, Adobe scans and repairs files as a "reinstall" instead of install.
              SO, I took a chance and inserted the installation disk. Rather than run the autorun option I opened the containing (adobe CS) folder and selected "setup.exe" (at this point I had fear that it would start the "whole" installation process, However. . .) I was then given the option to re-install. and offered the various programs to install only those I wanted (in this case illustrator).

              No time wasted with an uninstall, and no issues whatsoever. It went smooth and I was up and running perfectly again!
              Adobe rocks. So often they forsee the inevitable. . . not always, but so often! --and it just feels good when things WORK.