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    Offline viewing revisited


      If you're like me, you love the high quality content Adobe makes available for free, but also would love to view it offline. As we all tend to commute quite a lot, train rides are just fantastic to absorb Adobe TV content.


      Unfortunately, Adobe Media Player (AMP) still does not allow you to download videos for offline viewing. Yes, it has a download feature, but those downloads are temporarily cached files. Chances are, the next time you fire up AMP, the files carefully downloaded are all gone. I'm not kidding. This has been a flaw since the first version of Adobe Media Player. Consequently, you cannot rely on Adobe Media Player for your offline viewing pleasures.


      What you can do, however, is to manually move the downloaded files to a different folder, before AMP has a chance to delete them.


      On my Mac I found downloaded files in /Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Media Player/Local Store/cache. If you switch to Finder's column view and sort by "Date Modified" you'll always see the file AMP is downloading as the first entry. Nice!


      I managed to download the entire Flex 4 in a week training and gave each single episode a speaking file name. I also converted all sessions to the iPhone and Apple TV video format, so I've got complete freedom to watch wherever and whenever I want.


      It's been a tedious task, but now I can enjoy Adobe's great material everywhere and anywhere.


      I'd love to make the entire collection available to others, so that no other Adobe customer has to go through the hazzle.


      @Adobe: Would you allow me to do so? Or do you for some reason stick to the – somewhat stupid – faked AMP offline viewing idea? Give me a sign and I'd be happy to allow others to download the collection.