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    Fireworks CS3 Font too Small

    Cheldark Level 1

      The font size in my Fireworks CS3 displays much smaller then that in Photoshop CS3 or MS Word by comparison.

      For example in Fireworks I set  the font  Ariel 10pt  100% ,  it looks much smaller on the screen than the same in Photoshop.

      If in Fireworks I set the font Ariel 14pt 100% it looks on the screen about the same size as Photoshop 10pt 100%

      When I export the text as a .gif or .jpg  the text is still smaller than the same files exported in Photoshop.


      How do I correct this problem in Fireworks, so that the font size is the same as other applications?

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          pixlor Level 4

          I tried Airal 12 pt from my Photoshop and Fireworks CS3. There are some subtle differences in the anti-aliasing, but they are the same size, both height and width.


          If you go to Image Preview, on the File tab, is your Scale % set to 100?

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            Cheldark Level 1

            I checked the Image Preview as you suggested and it is set 100%.


            The difference I see in the font sizes of 10 between Fireworks and Photoshop are not subtle but sizable.

            The font size 14 in Fireworks looks like the font size 10 in Photoshop.


            I have to believe this is not natural in Fireworks and your experience proves that it is not.

            There must be some setting in Fireworks causing this.

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              Cheldark Level 1

              Additional data:

              In both Firefox and Photoshop I openned a 200px by 100px rectangle.(Canvas)

              The two rectangles compared side by side on the screen look exactly the same size.

              Its only the Text sizes that appear different inside the rectangles..

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                pixlor Level 4

                If rectangles show the same size, then I wouldn't think it's a document resolution issue. You've checked that, anyway, though?


                Here's what I see with 12 pt Arial from Photoshop (blue) and Fireworks (black), zoomed in to 400%:



                You might try deleting your Fireworks preferences txt file (Fireworks creates a new one on startup) as that will fix a number of settings-related problems. It should be in the program folder.

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                  Cheldark Level 1

                  I located what might be the preferences txt file:
                  C:\\Programs\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS3\Configuration\Installer\userPreferences.txt


                  This file is empty.  I deleted it. I restarted Fireworks and closed it, but it did not create a new one.
                  I may have got the wrong file, but I am unable to locate anyother file that looks like :preferences"

                  Also in Fireworks at Edit-->Preferences  I don't see anything the relates to font size, and I am just using the defaults here.


                  Here is what I see with 12pt Arial from Photoshop(blue) and Fireworks (black) at 400%



                  Thank you for your helpfull suggestions

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                    pixlor Level 4

                    I think that's the correct preferences file. I'm not sure what really goes in there, so it could  very well be empty.


                    As for your image.... You say your image is zoomed in to 400% as mine is. Without opening them side-by-side, it looks like your Fireworks text is the same size as my Fireworks text. That means that your Fireworks is fine, but your Photoshop text is too large.


                    When you first create your Photoshop document, what resolution do you use? If it isn't at 72 dpi (or pixels per inch), try setting it to that.

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                      Cheldark Level 1

                      Now that is really peculiar..  With everything set to 100%..
                      I compared  Arial 12pt in Fireworks, Dreamweaver and GIMP, and they are the same size
                      I compared  Arial 12pt in Photoshop, MS Word and Notepad, and they are the same size.
                      But  Photoshop, MS Word  and Notepad are bigger than Fireworks and Dreamweaver and GIMP.


                      In both Fireworks and Photoshop I have image resolution set to 72bpi..they are the same.


                      Since Photoshop was the same as MS Word (which I took as a standard) I concluded Fireworks was at fault.
                      Now I don't know what to think because MS Word prints out the same size Arial 12pt that it displays.

                      However since Fireworks and Dreamweaver are compatible I can work with that.
                      Thank you pixlor for your patience.