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    how test locally & upload w/out changing test server everytime?


      How do I setup my site in DW4 so I can test pages locally, and then upload them to my remote server once I'm satisfied with the results?  Why aren't there profiles within the site manager that would allow me to select whether I want to test locally or remotely?  As it is, I have to go in and manually change the test server to my machine's local App Server each time I want to test locally, and then change it back to my Host's App Server when I want to upload my site.  Moreover, I have to edit the database (MySQL) connection to point to a local database stored on my app server to test locally, and change it back to test remotely/upload; which means I have to export the database from my Host's App Server, and import it to my local App Server to test locally!  It makes my head spin...

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          If you go to Manage Sites and edit your site.  In the advanced mode there are definitions for a testing server and a remote server.  Just point the testing server to your local server and the remote at your remote and you should be good to go.

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            Adop3n00b Level 1

            Negative.  I'm running a dynamic site.  The "Testing Server" is really the Application Server acting on my database.  Don't get me started on why it's named Testing Server...I just get angry...my blood pressure is already on the rise just thinking about it.  I spent 6 days (roughly 15 hours) figuring that one out the hard way.  The "remote server" is actually the web server, which does not interact with my database in any way.  If I point the test server to my local App Server (Apache ASP), then I have to point my SQL database connection to a local database; which means I have to export my database from my Host and import it to my Local.  Otherwise, I won't have an accurate database to work with.  Now, if I do all this and point my remote info to my Host's web server, then the web page will not function properly; because the remote website's functions are attempting to call thru a localhost App Server.  Obviously, the localhost App Server is not responding.  Errors on the page will say something like "localhost: MySQL database bad value...not responding."  What's more interesting is that DW4 will crash if I attempt to locate a remote database in the mySQL connection window while the test server is configured for localhost.  Well, to be more specific, it will start looping errors and the only way out is to end the DW4 process--essentially forcing it to crash.


            Ideally, I wish that DW4 would synchronize (import) my remote database into my local one, and allow me to choose a profile within my Site configuration window that swaps between local and remote test server configurations.  Currently, I have to make the changes manually by editing my Site configuration, and exporting/importing my databases.  It's really tedious.  If you know a way around this (without assigning a public, external, static IP to run my App Server on); please enlighten me.  I would be very grateful.