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    How to Force a Chart to Redraw?


      I have a column chart that uses a label function to format the vertical  axis. I added a button and want the axis (or chart) to redraw when the  button is clicked. Right now, the chart axis renders OK only when  initially added to the view state.


      I use a function that sets various properties after the chart is  initially created. In there, I have tried all these:




      But they do not change the axis formatting.


      What am I missing? How do I call the axis format label function?



      The MXML code for the axis is:


      < mx:LinearAxis id="verticalAxis"  labelFunction="vAxisFormat"/>


      The label function is:

          private function vAxisFormat(labelValue:Number, previousValue:Object, axis:IAxis):String {
      if (_scale == 1){
      return currencyFormatter.format(labelValue/_scale);
      }else {
      return numberFormatter.format(labelValue/_scale);

      I found out some more info that may help some experts out there. The Adobe help has

      the following method for the Formatter class:


      resourcesChanged(): This method is called when a Formatter is constructed, and

      again whenever the ResourceManager dispatches a "change" Event to indicate that

      the localized resources have changed in some way.

      This event will be dispatched when you set the ResourceManager's localeChain

      property, when a resource module has finished loading, and when you call the

      ResourceManager's update() method. Subclasses should override this method and,

      after calling super.resourcesChanged(), do whatever is appropriate in response

      to having new resource values.


      So I inserted this with great expectations:



      That didn't work so I tried:

      resourceManager.dispatchEvent(new Event("Change"));


      Which also didn't work. Grrrr...


      Anyone have any ideas?




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