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    Flash Builder Upgrade Question

    Ansury Level 3

      Probably a stupid question, but if you have Flex 3 Standard, what are the upgrade choices?


      -FB4 Standard Upgrade (No ColdFusion Builder included) $99

      -ColdFusion Builder 1 (+FB4 Standard free) $299

      -FB4 Premium Upgrade (includes ColdFusion Builder 1?) $299


      Is this correct?  (If so, the second choice is pointless if you own FB3 Standard.)



      The store specifies FlexB 3 Standard is required for an upgrade to FlashB 4 Standard (makes sense).  But it simply says "Flex Builder 2 or 3" in the FlashB 4 Premium upgrade for $299.


      Does this mean FB3 Standard OR Professional both allow you to upgrade to FB4 Premium for $299?  Or does it need to be Pro like I would assume?


      The store says "Please check upgrade eligibility before making your selection." but it says nothing about how we're supposed to do that.