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    Texfield as Link



      I'm new with using Dreamweaver and have a problem with displaing a result from a SQL-Db.


      I want to make a Library DB with .pdf documents. In the DB I have those fields:


      - IDdoc

      - Name of the Document

      - Informations of the Doc (Text).

      - Link of the Doc (exemple: docs/lesson2/ellipse.pdf)


      In the SQL DB I see the Adress of my pdf document and when i hit on it, it opens the Document.


      Now I tried to put it in a Textfield of Dreamweaver but it isn't Activated (It shows me the adress in Text form). Means, I can't hit on it and see the intire document on pdf reader.


      Can you help me to find out how it is possible in Dreamweaver to activate a Textfield in order to use it as a Link?


      Thank you very much for your help.


      Suria Ji