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    Copying animations between Flash files


      In Adobe Flash CS3, is there a way of copying a complex animation from one document to another, differently sized document and have it appear in the same relative position, i.e. bottom left of my stage?

      I created a growing flower for a 300x250px file, and I want to use it in a 728x90px file. It has many keyframes. I tried pasting in the frames, but it appears off stage. I need to move it upwards. Do I have to move the elements at each individual keyframe, or is there a way of moving it universally at one go?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not clear how you've assemblked this animation, but if it is already a symbol in your library you can copy the symbol from one file to the other.  If it is not a symbol and is just an animation along the main timeline, you can create a symbol of it by copying the frames into an empty movieclip.  Even if it involves multiple frames and layers it is a fairly quick task to complete... Select the frames involes -> right click the selection and select Copy Frames -> create a new moviewclip symbol -> select the only keyframe in that new symbol and right click it -> select Paste Frames.  You can now take that symbol and copy/paste it into the library of the other file.