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    Silence printing


      Hello, guys:


      we leverage the acrobat document-level js to carry out the automatic printing ,

      there was no problem on adobe reader 7.

      But when I upgrade to adobe reader 9, the "This document is trying to print. do you want to allow this?" dialog will pop up.

      It is said this is the security enhancement of adobe reader, and no way to around it.

      But we definitely want to ignore this note for our requirement.


      My js currently used:


      var pp=this.getPrintParams();


      pp.pageHandling = pp.constants.handling.none;

      var fv = pp.constants.flagValues; pp.flags = pp.flags | fv.setPageSize;

      for(var i=0;i<1;i++)this.print(pp);


      I also find someone encounter the same problem, and advise that to make a folder-level js and copy it into your local specific folder.

      the code is:

      sPrint = app.trustedFunction{

           function(bUI, bSilent){
              this.print(false, false)

      But our program is a web applicaiton, and the pdf file will be generated on the server side, then it will be opened on client side,

      so it is impossible to deploy the folder-level js file on every client and it will be denied by the policy.


      So does anyone has the perfect workaround to fix this problem?



      Ronnie, Zhang