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    AdvancedDataGrid: Styling per cell


      Hi! Could anyone help me solve this problem that I am having trouble to solve for the past 2 weeks.




      I am creating a spreadsheet-like application using AdvancedDataGrid control in Flex. In the main mxml application i have added the Advanced datagrid and other buttons such as Bold,Italic,Underline, etc.. (buttons which are used commonly to change the appearance of the texts)--inline programming. The functions of the buttons are programmed in actionscript.



      I could not change the style of the text on each cell whenever i load a set of data that will populate my ADG control. StyleFunction does not work well for me since it does applies to the entire column or cell. All I just wanted is how to change the text styles on "EACH" cell. If only i have something that could refer the styles of "EACH" cell of the ADV control so that i could change a particular style.


      I would greatly appreciate if you could help me by using actionscript.