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    Smoothing Results in PixelBlender


      I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction of smoothing out the aliasing in some of the results for various filters. For instance, I was just messing around with this posted "CheapDuotone" filter:


      <languageVersion : 1.0;>


      kernel CheapDuoTone
      <   namespace : "com.adobe.aif";
          vendor : "Adobe Systems, Inc.";
          version : 1;
          description : "super cheap duotone";
          input image4 src;
          output pixel4 dst;
          parameter float3 color1;
          parameter float3 color2;


              dst = sampleNearest(src,outCoord());
              float distance1 = distance(color1, dst.rgb);
              float distance2 = distance(color2, dst.rgb);
              if ( distance1 <= distance2 )
                  dst.rgb = color1;
                  dst.rgb = color2;


      While it works great, the aliasing is insane. I know I could gaussian blur the final result, but I'm specifically looking for a pixel-bender only implementation that doesn't reduce the fidelity of the resulting edges.


      Anything really that will smooth the result out more along the lines of what a vectorize/livetrace plugin would do to the image would be awesome.