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    Problems with playback of AVCHD


      Hi Everybody,


      Just trying out the Panasonic AG-HMC151E Camcorder and tried importing a couple of files that I shot. I recorded in PH, the highest quality mode and used the AVCHD 1080i25 (50i) preset. I then simply imported my .mts files from the SDHC Card. Playing back on camera or through VLC shows no problems with the files, but when I playback in Source or Program windows, I get some sort of strange dark flickering, especially when panning. When the picture is still it looks crisp and clear. I tried exporting to H264 and there were no problems with the exported material.


      I know that AVCHD can be tough to play with, but I've got a QuadCore and 4GB Ram, can anyone explain to me, what's going on?


      Thanks in advance





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Video driver? Other components? Disks, CPU, memory? Hard to tell. Some details are lacking. And you can never compare a player like VLC with an editor. That is about the same as comparing roller skates (single purpose is playing) to an MPV.

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            JeppeB Level 1

            Alright, so this is definitely a multiple choice area. I must say that didn't narrow it down, now I have a whole lot of other issues to tend to :-)


            Can I be certain that this is a hardware issue? My computer is almost state of the art and like I said the specs should be fine. I find it very hard to believe that it's the hardware that's causing the problems. I'm more concerned that I did something wrong in Premiere, as I'm basically a rookie. It's not like the video is un-editable, but it's certainly annoying and if it's a simple matter of turning something on or switching something off I would really like to know. Would it help to move to HA instead of PH? Lose some of the quality but make it easier on the computer?


            Appreciate any help.

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              JeppeB Level 1

              Well, I found out. I was used to the settings for the playback windows being Automatic Quality. Apparently CS4 thought that the flickering images was the best automatic quality. Nonetheless I changed it to Highest Quality and haven't had any trouble since.


              Thanks for the answer, I will probably be back, when I get lost in CS4 once again. Learning by doing.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Glad that you got it sorted.


                The Quality settings are interesting. For some systems, Highest is the best. For some systems, Automatic is best. Depends on the source footage and the computer. I know that many users worry, when we tell them to try both and see what works best. It would seem that we should be able to say that one will be the best for all circumstances, but we cannot.


                Same for Hardware Acceleration. Our general comments are: if set to min. set to max. If set to max., set to min. If one is better, then increment until the problem returns and then increment up, or down, one "notch." It all depends on one's system.


                Thanks for reporting your success, and drop in any time.