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    Take Twenty two

      As my Canon HV30 is in for repairs under warrantee and the dealer looks like offering me a partial deal on a Canon HF S21 I was wondering if any of you have gone from HV tape to AVCHD as a medium. At present I am using Premier Elements 7 and am told by the Canon rep that editing may take some time to get used to AVCHD. Does anyone know weather or not the AVCHD has improved for this brand new camera.


      Any help will be most appreciated

      Regards John

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The quality from both of those camcorders is excellent, Take.


          The difference is in how your computer handles these files.


          HDV is relatively easy to edit. AVCHD, however, takes a very powerful machine to work with. Most people who are successfully editing it are using a quad core processor and 4 gigs of RAM.


          It is also possible to convert AVCHD to HDV before you bring it into Premiere Elements, but that can be a little inconvenient.