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    FTP Profile set-up to access GoDaddy.com


      I'm trying to set-up the FTP profile to access files for a new client that's currently using GoDaddy.com as their web host. I spent hours last night trying several combinations, and never was successful. I Googled my problem and found that others have experienced similar difficulties using Dreamweaver to connect to GoDaddy. I'm needing some clarification - what exactly is an "FTP Host" in the eyes of Dreamweaver? Is it my client's web address or the address of the server? With another client of mine, the FTP Host field works with "ftp.intercession.net", which is the server and not their address. Also, there was discussion regarding the proper way to enter the "HTTP address" in the local info part of the Dreamweaver set-up. Please help me. My eyes are blurry and I'd like to get to work on their site rather than spend time fighting FTP connections.