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    Storing Facebook Login Data Of A user In An Application

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I've recently been working on a desktop application which allows users to view some of their facebook details such as albums, images and statuses within my application itself. However I've noticed that every time the user access the app before they can access these details they need to be taken to facebook, actually login and then close internet explorer before my application can access these details. As far as I know this is a necessary validation procedure however I believe this defeats the object of having a user's facebook details in my application when the user has to first access facebook anyway to login and see these details when they could have simply stayed within facebook in internet explorerand viewed these details there.


      What I'm wondering is if there's any workaround to cut out this middle man and perhaps allow a user to store their facebook login details in my application so that the app can perhaps log them in automatically by submitting these details to facebook when they access the app and they won't need to visit facebook to log in manually. Is there any way to do this perhaps in an invisible html component or something?