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    Looking to create a table of contents with links

    jldav Level 1

      Looking to create a table of contents with links on certain text that links to other pages in the document. For example. Page 1, would be able to be clicked and link to the second page in the document after you click that Page 1 text.

      Anyone know the best way to do this?

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          Bradsquires Level 1

          With Acrobat, there are usually several ways to do things. When it comes to setting up links within a PDF, I like to combine two methods.


          The first is to use the LINK tool, which you can find in the Tools menu under TOOLS > ADVANCED EDITING > LINK TOOL. With this tool selected, drag an area around the item that you want to make clickable. This will then display a dialog box presenting you with options for how you want your link to look and where you'd like it to link to.


          The next thing I like to do is to create bookmarks to each of the important sections within the document. To open the Bookmarks panel, go to the view menu and select VIEW > NAVIGATION PANELS > BOOKMARKS. To create a new bookmark, first go to the place in your document that you want to bookmark and hit command-B (for Bookmark) or click on Options in the top of the Bookmarks panel and select New Bookmark. You can then name the Bookmark appropriately. You can also include expandable bookmarks if you'd like to have, say, a bookmark to a particular chapter, and then bookmarks to sections within that chapter all within that bookmark. To do this, you can drag a bookmark into another bookmark.


          Then, before sending out your PDF, you need to make sure that the Bookmarks panel will display when your end-users open your PDF. To do this, go to FILE > PROPERTIES and select the tab Initial View. On the option for Navigation Tab, select "Bookmarks Panel and Page."


          Good. Save your PDF and you're done.

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            jldav Level 1

            Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for.

            Now that I have all the links to the page views set up, I'm having trouble setting the size of the page view. For example, I wanted to be able to view the entire page at 100%, but it's set in closer and views in only to the top quarter of the page.
            Any advice?