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    Is there a problem using CFPOP in CF MX 7 with Exchange 2007?

      We have a scheduled task that checks a mailbox and, depending on the request, responds to the sender with information from our contact database. It has worked fine for several years using CF MX 7 Standard and MS Exchange 2000. We just changed to MS Exchange 2007 and we get an error as follows: "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password." We can access the mailbox directly from Exchange using the account and password, so we think we are passing the correct information (example below).

      <CFPOP ACTION="GetHeaderOnly" SERVER="" USERNAME="testaccount" PASSWORD="testpassword" NAME="getMail">

      Is there something we're missing? We are certain that the IP, account and password are still correct. We have assigned this mail server to the Mail tab in CF Administrator and it can see it and route CFMAILs through it.

      Any help is appreciated.
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          "Any help is appreciated."

          By default an Exchange server will not utilize the POP protocol
          standard, it is set up to only use the proprietary Microsoft email
          protocol that one would need CF8 to integrate into ColdFusion.

          But an Exchange server can be optionally configured to utilize the POP
          protocol if one has the influence and|or control over the Exchange
          server to allow this.

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            We discovered that Exchange 2007 has five specific steps that have to occur in a particular order for CFPOP to resume working properly. We did this (despite several security issues) because this function is strictly internal. Not recommended for an application available to the general public.

            Steps for making Exchange 2007 work for CFPOP:
            1) Start the POP service on the Exchange 2007 server.
            2) Allow the necessary email accounts to use POP3.
            3) Lower the security requirements on those accounts to allow CF to send clear text instead of encrypted (SSL) requests to POP3.
            4) Set the Exchange server to allow relay.
            5) Lower the security requirements for relay.

            I hope I explained this correctly. This is how my network supervisor explained it to me.