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    FLV works online but NOT on CD-ROM using DW insert code - HELP!


      I have spent manyhours hunting high and low to find an ansswer to this problem, but because there are similiar issues with FLV from CD-ROM (usually relating to one of the four DW flv files not be included) this one is a swine.


      Basically, I have produced a Dreamweaver HTML project ready to drop onto CD-ROM for playback via IE. Done this many, many times before without an issue. This one differs because it requires 3 flv videos linking in. Should be simple in Dreamweaver CS4, just use the 'flv' insert command, pick a skin and playback options, point to flv file and 'Rob is your relative'. Can't preview locally as you end up with just a jumble of skin icons and no video (found info on this and apparently it relates to not having a remote testing server set up needed for the flash domain securoty model, this may be a pointer to the CD-ROM issue...) but the local preview is not an issue.


      Once uploaded to a web server it all works fine, skin come up video plays etc. So drop this onto CD-ROM and should be 'good to go', but oh no it is back to the preview state of showing the jumbled icons and no video. Anyway anyone have any ideas? I really do not want to end up finding/testing/buying/integrating a third party flv player when this should bloody work!


      Just to clear up any confusion:

      Yes, ALL of the files required have been copied to the CD-ROM, it was a mirror copy of the working online version, so I know there are NO files missing, the number of parameters that can be set are minimal and relate to file identification and playback paramters so nothing can screw up there, plus online version would not have worked if I did. It looks like this may be something that is beyond my control and ability to fix, Without a fix the ability to play back flv video from CD-ROM is a no goer for anyone! And that seems insane for such an important CS4 function.