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    Excel Document not importing into Dreamweaver??


      G'day guys.


      Two questions for the price off one here:


      What would be the best way of showing a Excel price list in Dreamwaever, (currently in Excel or CSV format)?
      As it is a price list and viable to change, especially with fuel and other goods going up in the budget, could it also be placed and automatically updated by just amended the Excel file and saving with the html files in the FTP folder?

      My understanding is if the Excel file is saved as a CSV and imported as tabular data, this will only be seen as a table.

      The other way of importing Excel data is: File> Import > Excel Document... But currently when I do this a pop-up appears telling me "this action cannot be completed because another program is busy..."  Then a javascript error message appears saying an "Exception thrown in native Function".


      Any info would be most gratefully accpeted.