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    Change Esc shortcut to something else.

    jahmer Level 1

      I want to change the esc key for exiting text to something else (like the home key since I'm left handed). I looked up all the shortcut keys and couldn't find the esc listed. Does anyone know where it is under Keyborad Shortcuts/Menus commands or Tools. Do I need to code a script and tie a shortcut to it.?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nope, don't think so, not even with scripts. Since in pretty much all programs Esc is a global key that cancles tools and dialogs, i doubt anyone would allow it to be changed.



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            Harron K. Appleman Level 4

            If you want the change to be effective only within Illustrator, I'd say you're out of luck. I know of no program that enables reassignment of the Esc key... for many reasons including that stated by Myle.


            If you want a global reassignment, you might have some luck with a third-party keyboard remapping utility program. But those can be problematic because of the different ways various applications interact with the keyboard. Moreover, if the remapping program itself relies on the Esc key in its user interface, it might be excluded from reassignment.


            If global reassignment is OK, your best bet would be a programmable keyboard (because the reassignment takes place at the keyboard firmware level, making the computer 'think' you pressed another key when you press Esc). Such keyboards are few in number, however, and tend to be expensive.

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              jahmer Level 1

              Great Suggestions.


              Let me put it another way. I don't want to change the global use of Esc key,

              just the exit text mode. Other applications like Corel Draw use ctl+spacebar. I would like the same

              in Illustrator since I have ctl, alt , sht on both sides of the keyboard. THX.

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                Harron K. Appleman Level 4

                If you're good with a soldering iron, you can take the keyboard apart and reroute signal paths to perform the desired reassignment. I've done this in the past, for example, to swap the left Ctrl and Alt keys. This is the "poor man's" programmable keyboard.


                A simple hardwire rerouting would be global in effect, however, so you would need to add a switch that toggles the remapping.


                The other problem with this method is that you cannot remap to a keyboard combo, such as Ctrl+spacebar. But if you can live with a simple remap to, say, one of the Ctrl, Alt, or Windows keys, then go grab your toolbox.


                Of course, you will be voiding any warranty on the keyboard. And if you mess up the keyboard beyond repair, it was your idea, not mine.