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    Preloader code running every time page loads

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I purchased a preloader from Adobe Exchange  for my flash animation. I've noticed though that even though it works, whenever I refresh the page that the swf file is on, or even navigate away and then come back to the same swf page, the preloader starts operating again as if the file was being downloaded for the first time.

      I thought that once a swf was downloaded it didn't need to be done again. The code from the preloader is as follows:
      //show text Loading
      this.text = true;      
      //show reflection
      this.reflection = true;
      //show percents
      this.percents = true;
      //set color
      this.color = "0x003976";
      //set gradient color for reflection
      this.bgColor = "0xffffff";
      //set speed (1-9)
      this.speed = 6;
      //loop infinite, not loading
      this.infinite = false; 
      //loaderTarget (if null self swf preload)
      this.contentTarget = null;             
      //auto stop timeline
      Could it have something to do with the fact that it's an onClipEvent?

      Appreciate any advice.