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    Getting table row count through amf.

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      Sorry if this is a so basic question but I have found something I can not solve in a clean way. I need the total row count for a table, if I return the count after an amf (GetRowCount) call it will produce an error because amf works with objects and don't really know how to deserialize just an int (or am I wrong?). So, what's the best way to do it? I have thought about creating a new Remote Object called CountRO but this seems pretty overkill to just return the number of rows of a table. Is there a better solution?.


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          Could anyone please give any tip on this? I would really apreciate it.


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            I have not an example with amf, currently I am using just a simple HTTPService which handles xml. In this case my requested services provides following xml back:



                      <item>Lorem Apsum</item>

                      <item>Lorem Epsum</item>

                      <item>Lorem Ipsum</item>

                      <item>Lorem Opsum</item>




            Inside the successEvent I extract this total information from the xml:


                 var xml:XML = new XML(event.message.body.toString());

                 var _total:Number = xml.elements('total')[0] || 0;


            You will find an example of that on my current playground.


            I assum that it will be similar with amf.



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