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    RH8 Crashes upon "save all" or "save"

    Veteditor Level 1


      I have for several weeks been experiencing intermittent crashes of RH8 when I "save" using various methods:

      • The "save all" icon within RoboHelp\
      • The keyboard shortcut "Ctrl S"
      • Right-click of mouse

      I manage 4 different projects using RH8.0.2, and this happens fairly frequently within each of the projects. I have installed all of the upgrades, and rebuilt the .cpd files. When this happens, the newly-entered (or revised) content is lost. Until today, I have been safe when using "save topic" from each individual topic tab - but now this method has also failed.


      Has this been reported?


      If analysts are interested, I have saved the "error report" file on this, and can send it, upon request.