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    Preloading Issues

      I have made several flash animations that i would like to include in my site.

      First, i have made a preloader page, with some simple flash animations a couple of small sound files, and a preloader progress bar looks like this....

      http://www.cbeckserver.com/ERI/flashing button.html

      Then there is a splash page, with lots of graphics some background music, and alot of animation totaling around 15.8 seconds at a frame rate of 30FPS and approx. 5MB

      after the splash page, all of the components of the website drop into place, the header drops in, the panel drops behind it, a couple of things flash in and out etc. continuing with the background music... this takes around 6 seconds at a frame rate of 30FPS and is approximately 2MB

      Finally i have the site which includes flash motion buttons and some looping animations and the looping background music.

      Now i know my background music is probably a big download, it is an MP3 file that lasts nearly 4 minutes. It is a techno sort of song, so i could set it up to loop around the 30 second mark which will decrease some of the file sizes. But what i would like to do is have things download at differnt intervals to allow for faster overall viewing speeds. For example, the smaller pre-loader page could start things off, and while that is playing lasting around 15 seconds... i would have the larger file of the splash page download.....then while the splash page is viewing, i would be downloading the final site files and components.

      Any help with a tutorial or some idea of how i can break this up would be appreciated