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    Looking for Accessible PDF creator

    FivePicaPica Level 4

      (I'm posting this on behalf of my employer. I looked through terms of service and this sort of posting doesn't appear to be discouraged. If it is, let me know and I'll remove. Thanks!)


      Pacific Educational Press is seeking people with advanced knowledge of Acrobat Pro 9 to help us create an Accessible PDF of a Math textbook.

      Using Acrobat Pro 9, the qualified candidate will need to convert an ordinary PDF file of a math textbook  and convert it into an accessible PDF file that can be used by the visually impaired (using PDF-friendly speech software).

      The PDF document has numerous design aspects to it and the person would need to be able to map out the correct reading flow for the speech function of the Accessible PDF.

      The document would need to include cross-references and tags for alternate text (to describe the content of photographs, formulas and diagrams).

      The person would need to have an understanding of high-school math.

      The person would need to begin working immediately and complete the project by April 9.

      If you are interested, please send a resume highlighting relevant experience. You will be asked to create a sample PDF to show that you have experience using Acrobat 9 Pro.

      No phone calls please.

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          CtDave Level 6

          A Math book eh?
          Equations/Formulas - fun.


          Regardless, you will want the right "tools" (hardware as well as software).
          Specifically, work machines with stand alone graphics card (at least 250MB - more *is* better).
          If you are authoring in Word, consider Netcentric's "PAWS".
          Might be worth some upfront trials of Word out to tagged PDF via the Office 2007 Save As to PDF.
          It has improved since its first release.
          Alternatively, augment Acrobat Pro 9 with Netcentric's CommonLook.

          The authoring application used will have a significant impact.
          Authoring in a page layout application?
          There are several good ones but, InDesign looks to have the best tag management.
          Tag management and the ability to "stage" for accessibility in the authoring file is significant advantage.

          But, for any large, living, technical - Nothing better than FrameMaker.
          On the whole, rather pleasing tag management.

          Also, does tables like nothing else..
          Add to this the "Book" feature of FrameMaker & things get better.
          Actually, your job is just what Adobe's Technical Communication Suite is all about (but that's getting OT).

          Do not rely upon Acrobat's Read Outload.
          Rather, QC PDFs via JAWS, Windows Eyes, NVDA.
          n.b., CommonLook gets good reviews on its ability to QC the PDF.


          You might want to consider a post to Adobe's Acrobat User Community "Job Board"
          as it may broaden exposure to your request.



          The "tos" is at:

          Good Luck with your endeavor.
          (just a end-thought - May want someone to spot check as the project goes along.
          Karen MCCall of Karlen Communications (out of Canada) may be one of the individuals that could help with such. Certainly there are others - she comes to mind as she has the knowledge/experience and is out of Canada.)


          Be well...


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            FivePicaPica Level 4

            It sure is fun :/

            It's already typeset in InDesign/Mathtype, but Id be interested in hearing a few Framemaker vs. Indesign opinions. The Adobe site doesn't make it all that much more appealing if I already have InDesign. How does it compare?


            And do you know of any Mac-based Readaloud editors?


            Thanks for the tips!

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              Karlen communications

              Stay with InDesign! The tagging of PDF is more reliable.


              Currently there is no support for MathML content for mathermatics or scientific notation. Any math equations will require Alt Text. There are some usability issues for Alt Text for math and science equations. Contact me for more information and workarounds.



              Cheers, Karen

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                Xevi_faq Level 1

                Hi everyone,


                This week, one costumer ask me for the best solution for to generate courses on-line, accessibility is a must.


                HTML or PDF, that is the question.


                My advice is PDF, and InDesign as authoring tool.


                (poor FrameMaker presence and support here, Barcelona area).


                Any other idea or consideration?


                Thanks in advance!

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                  MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Why must it be  html or pdf. I think a combination of the two would be the best way to go. My personal preference is FrameMaker, but to be honest there is real value in the Technical Communications Suite which can give you FrameMaker, Acrobat, Captivate (great for interactive flash files as demoes), Photoshop, and Robohelp. To be honest it is missing Dreamweaver, but I use the TCS and the Creative Suite so that I get access to DW, Illustrator and Flash. You should also obviously look at the eLearning Suite as well. In fact, this conversation is best handled in the Adobe eLearning forum.