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    Allignment problem in flex application output


      Hello Everybody

      I am facing an issue in my flex application output and tats why i am here for a solution.So let me define the problem

        we all know that a flex application output will have an swf file and an html file in the bin-debug folder and my issue is also related with them.

      The application is similar to a  3d carousel(using papervision 3d) in which a user can click one of the rotating items.There are 8 items and each one is an swf output from respective mxml application.Now when i run the default application mxml say main.mxml,i get main.swf and main.html in

      bin-debug,everything works perfect till here.Now if i double click the main.swf file the carousel items are misplaced from centre to left corner of the stage,but if i double click the main.html file everything works perfect(properly alligned).

      So my question is why is this misalignment happening ??????

      Thanks in advance