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    Insufficient Permissions (OSX 10.5.8)


      So I posted another thread in which Flash Builder 4 Eclipse plugin kept crashing on me with a Configuration error and asking me to uninstall and reinstall FB4. After several days of this issue to no avail I've decided to try the FB4 Standalone version. Now, let me first point out that I am the ONLY ADMIN on my OSX installation yet, everytime I click - Help > Install New Software... I am presented with the "Insufficient Permissions" message. How can this be? Again, I am the only admin.


      If anyone knows anything on either issue, your help will be most welcomed!



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          glitch_b0b Level 1

          I'll answer my own question since this in my opinion is very silly on Adobes part. One must have root access under OSX to install plugins under FB4 standalone. I guess Admin access is not enough. One would think that this would be as under OSX you can have a Guest, Standard, or Admin account. There should be no reason why you should EVER have to login into root just to do something at the level of installing plugins to an applications.


          This is just plain silly...