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    Tracing problems

    toymaker1 Level 1

      I have a tracing problem which is a bit tricky to put into words.

      I placed into a.i a black and white drawing.

      I did a live trace, the result seemed ok.

      The problem is that the A4 tracing paper which I did the drawing on has also been traced (I think), but I only want the outlines of the actual figure I drew.

      The problem arises because I want to put a grid over the figure to place it exactly in the right position and angle etc.

      But the grid wont show over the white background to the drawing. That is to say the grid wont superimpose over what appears to be the edge of the traced A4 background. Maybe it isn't the A4 background, but the artboard itself - it has a blue boundary line.

      I went in Artboard Edit mode and reduced the artboard to just contain the figure, but that artboard seems to sit on another artboard which is the original background.

      I have no idea how to move forward with my exciting project, and it is extremely frustrating.


      Does anyone have any advice?



      Peter de Wit