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    PC vs MAC Pro with "Bootcamp and Windows 7"


      Ok I know this has been beat to death for years but I need to look again at it now that CS5 is here I had worked with Premiere Pro for years on a PC and it was just fine but when I upgraded to a Mac system and then the Mac CS4 I was very dissapointed with the performance it just felt like the mac was crashing more and not as stable for exporting,


      While I plan on upgrading to CS 5 I need to know if I should stay MAC or go with the Windows version and use Bootcamp with Windows 7


      I have a Mac Pro with 8 cores and 8 gigs of ram it is the 2.8gig Intel Xeon cpu version and I am running Snow Lepard

      Model Idintifier  MacPro 3.1


      I know adding ram and a new graphics card will also help speed but right now I am interested in how stable the new Mac CS5 will be


      Also there seems to be less plugins available for the Mac Version


      Any idea's?