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    Is there a way to mask off a certain place to key?


      I'm working on this project for my university and our school colors are red and black. Well, for some reason the people who we use in this video are wearing blue shirts because that's the color they chose for their work shirts.




      I want to change them to red but a problem arises that the sky changes color too.



      So I tried color keying out the sky but that didn't work as it left the same color highlights blue also.



      Now I not that I put the original video (the first picture) as a second layer underneath this version so that the sky could blue but the highlights were keyed out. I also know that if I took out that second layer, there technically wouldn't be anything there.


      So I'm wondering is there a way to mask off a specific area and key that out without keying out everything else at the same time.


      Thanks for the help!