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    Maybe a great training series, definitely a poor offline media player


      I have a cell Internet connect and am limited in bandwidth.

      I downloaded the Adobe Media Player and started downloading all of Day 1 content for off-

      line viewing. After 4 hours of download (bad connection speed, which is why I wasn't streaming to begin with) I

      went to start watching the videos.


      Only 1 of the 14 videos for play offline, the others when clicked added themselves back to the download queue for another download.


      When navigating back and forth from the home screen to the my fav's and then the download queue, the application would hang and twice locked up completely.


      This has wasted half of my productive day and proven to be a buggy and poor product. It has also cost my almost half a gigabyte of download and completely lost the results.



      so I am,



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          Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee



          Sorry you're having a bad playback experience in Adobe Media Player. Do you have the latest installed version? I found this help document in the support center for the product:


          Poor audio and video performance on low bandwidth connections



          Adobe Media Player may be having trouble with your (admittedly) slower Internet conection. But once the FLVs are downloaded, they should remain in your cache and not need to be re-downloaded.


          If you really want to go the manual route, I suggest pasting the feed URLs into your browser and clicking the link in the Media Files (shaded) area for each video. This will take you to the XML file that contains the link to the actual FLV. This is the same FLV that Adobe Media Player downloads, of course. There are a couple FLV paths; you want the one on the line immediately above the param name showing the course title (for example, the one above "Flex in a Week - Day 1"):



          Of course, Adobe Media Player is supposed to automate this process. You shouldn't have to go this route to view our FLVs offline.


          Hope this helps.