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    Frustrated - about to give up


      I am running PE4, v. 4.0....and have been since the computer was new.  Running a Dell quad-core 32bit Vista system.  It USED to work pretty well, but lately has been really buggy.

      The latest thing is that I keep getting an error when trying to burn DVD's...I get this:



      disk burn error.JPG

      now, I have not changed ANYTHING (other than windows updates) since they system was new.  This has just started happening with the last couple projects I've tried to burn.  I tried enabling/disabling the drive, uninstalling/installing the drive, all to no avail.  The drive works fine with other applications, including apps that use burning.  I've searched online, but haven't found any solutions...and spent an hour navigating the Adobe website looking for information or, God forbid, technical support...none of which I could find.


      OK...there is another issue I have with PE4 that a user on here had previously proffered a solution to me about.  I am trying to import years of old VHS tapes, and ending up with blocky video when editing.  Someone told me to try the ADS Pyro A/V Link...I found one, and have had ZERO luck with it.  Premiere does not recognize it...it's basically doing NOTHING.  No video is passing from the VCR thru the Pyro into Premiere.


      I am desperate for SOMEONE to answer these questions for me...I've exhausted my patience.  Thanks in advance.