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    hitTestPoint troubles!

    danwize Level 1

      I have a wheel of fortune style wheel that I created flash and exported as a flex component.  When the wheel stops spinning, the Wheel.as class dispatches a text event telling me which wedge of the wheel it stopped on.  Unfortunately, the hit test always returns fails in the following code: 



      var i:int = 0;

      while(i < 16 && !getWedgePointer("spinnerWedge" + (i+1)).hitTestPoint(215.3, 10, true))


           trace("spinnerWedge" + (i+1), getWedgePointer("spinnerWedge" + (i+1)).hitTestPoint(215.3, 10, true));





      I've drawn a small circle in the Wheel class at those same coordinates, and I can see that it does intersect with the wheel.  Any ideas why hitTestPoint continues to fail?