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    CS5 and Nvidia renderings speeds?

    Xoomtell Level 1



      I have noticed that PPro CS5 will be able to run fx. AVCHD smoothly - especially if one has a FX 3800, 4800 Q or a GTX 280.

      I have a GTX 260 - wich - it seems - is not supported. So I will proberly have to invest a lot in a new card. I have experienced a lot of different issues with PPro CS4 and AVCHD editting - slow and stuttering editting as soon as effects is added, stuttering and jittering in playback in exported files, slow rendering etc. I run on quite a system i920 2,67 Ghz - 12 GB RAM, 2 X 1TB HDs with Windows 7 64 bit - and I have the feeling that most of my experienced frustrating issues are related to PPro CS4 not being able to handle AVCHD really nice yet. Using software and bad And that my Nvidida GTX 260So I really consider buying one of these cards supported by the new Mercury engine inside PPro CS5....also have to buy the whole Adobe package as well off course...Oh My - what a lot of money Adobe and Nvidia will earn on this update...!!! ;-)


      Anyway - I have high hopes that my AVCHD footage will be much more easy to edit - and that Photoshop/Illustrator etc. will be even better.


      BUT - Wich card should one buy? How much better will the FX 4800 perfrom comapred to fx. FX 3800 or GTX 280? Any one having a qualified oppinion about that?


      I use a lot of time waiting for my PC to render fx. 25 min. video in FLV - that might take 1½-2 hours. And I can play AVCHD smoothly with the 4.2 update installed, but only without effects or tranistions. A Croosover effect makes the machine and CPU go nuts....so....hope CS5 and a new card will help me get better performance over all...but how much and will I be able to just buy GTX 280 or do I have to spend a lot more and get the FX 4800?