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    Tips for building a special list?

    peteandrus Level 1

      i have been tasked with building a component with the following properties:


      1- it is based on a list component. It will have a vertical scrollbar on the right.

      2-at the top it will have a Text search field.

      3-it will populate with a bunch of IDs. The number of IDs can be in the millions.

      4-in order to conserve resources, not all of the IDs can be put into the List at once....so...

      5-When the scrollbar is dragged, clicked down one notch (single space down), or clicked down a page(page down) the IDs populate correctly based on the current visible IDs and what's in the database.

      6-when i type in the search box, the IDs filter letter-by-letter, or, in other words, if i type "H" first, then all IDs with H as their first letter will remain in the list, all IDs without H in the first letter will be eliminated. All other IDs will go away. If i remove the letter H, all IDs return.


      I know this is becoming a standard behavior. Is there a name for this kind of behavior? Is there any component that covers this functionality? Any examples i can look at? any info is appreciated. thanks!

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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          this is called 'filtering' on the arrayCollection... i've done similar to this... search for autoComplete / auto suggest / suggest component in flex


          What i've done -->


          first text box - on the text box do handle change - on change call the server with wat ever chars the user has entered and get the list - put it into the array collection...


          on this array collection yu do filter.. there is an filterFunction property on the array collection. ofcoz the list's data provider will be the arrayCollection..